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It’s been a LONG TIME coming but the feds have finally tabled their legislation aimed at curbing online harm. That includes new measures to deal with hate speech and puts a major onus on the big tech companies to take responsibility for content posted on their platforms.

Owen Charters is the President and CEO at BGC Canada. He says it’s a good first step. “We do think the government largely…got it right” particularly when it comes to protecting our kids and teenagers when they’re online.

“It is something we’ve been waiting to see because we see the harms. We see the harms each and every day. And it’s both perpetrated on and unfortunately sometimes perpetrated by young people.”

We also sit down with Story Studio Network CEO, Erin Trafford. We recorded the segment LIVE from our Podcast Newsroom at the Prospecter and Developers Association of Canada convention in downtown Toronto. It is the largest mining industry gathering in the world. Remarkably, there was next to NO media on site to report on some major economic, environmental and indigenous stories.

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