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Join Story Studio Network's Chief Executive Producer Dave Trafford Monday to Thursday, highlighting news stories of the day that are most likely to affect you and your family, you and your business, you and your future.


We include a featured interview with newsmakers and analysts on the big stories of the week.


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In 2020, Dave and his team produced more than 300 podcast episodes covering a broad range of subjects, including the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During his career experience as a News Director with Global News, Newstalk 1010 and AM640 in Toronto, Dave has managed big personalities and mentored hundreds of performers on the importance of putting your audience first.

He brings his expertise in performance coaching, strategic communications, issues management and journalism. He provides the guidance and critique required for you to sharpen your presentation performance. And Dave shows you how to plan and produce branded media that will engage, retain and grow your target audiences.

Dave has reported from five world capitals and every province in Canada. But his real creative outlet is his music. Aside from writing and producing original stage show musicals, Dave and a group of musician friends recorded some of their songs in the Beatles’ famed Studio 2 at Abbey Road in London, UK. The highlight of their session included a visit from Beatle producer and music legend Alan Parsons.

Dave is the Executive Producer of iContact Productions. He is a media and communications leader who provides the tools and support you need to tell your story in your voice. 

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