Turn your brand story into  a major market sounding podcast.

This is not the same as hiring a tech nerd to click the buttons (although, we do handle the actual tech production!)

This is hiring an executive producer for your company brand.

Story Studio Network - Like a newsroom for your brand.

Our team of major market talent ensures you get a major market sounding show.

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Chief Executive Officer, Daily Bread Food Bank

Neil Hetherington

"That happened because Dave Trafford did his homework listening to the people affected by poverty, and experts in the field. From there, his natural curiosity resulted in impactful questions and dialogue."

" Thousands more know more about the systemic causes of, and social policy solutions to address poverty."

show:The 2030 project

Chief Executive Officer, Motivbase

Ujwal Arkalgud

"Or they are led by a tired team that just wants to get the job done as opposed to proactively involving themselves in what is being created. There's a massive chasm between the two types of companies and it ultimately affects the output. We certainly had our fair share of misses before we met Erin and Dave."

" There are a lot of production houses out there, but most have no journalistic experience."


President, Hardy Stevenson and Associates Ltd.

Dave Hardy

"Dave and Erin showed an uncanny ability to pull together the disparate thoughts for the listeners. Coming up with excellent questions so as to get the best out of people with diverse backgrounds is not easy, but Dave and Erin excelled in their ability to pull it off."

" Dave and Erin are among the most intelligent journalists and podcasters I’m aware of."


President & CEO, Decision Partners Canada Inc.

Sarah Thorne

"Wait till people hear the next shows! And Dave and Erin, you are brilliant Exec. Producers! The show is terrific."

" So much great feedback coming in on the first show!"

shows: Engineering with nature, THE NEXT NORMAL

Success Stories

With our combined experience in newsrooms and new media production and strategy, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients tell Stories differently and more effectively in this new emerging world.

Meet the Story Studio Network co-founders, 
Dave and Erin.

Meet the Story Studio Network co-founders, Dave and Erin.

We won’t say the word duo, but we will say dynamic

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Together, we have a combined 60+ years in radio, production, news-media, on mic and in studios. We are confident enough to say we are not your average podcasters.

We saw the writing on the wall for mainstream media decades ago. Faith in 'the way it's always been done' is waning and the pandemic only served to deepen those feelings.

The data to back up the shifts towards on-demand audio is incontrovertible. Advertisers and thought leaders are moving away from traditional media towards NEW media to get their messages out to the world.

You want more than 'just a podcast'.

We help you produce audio content that creates meaningful change.

How do branded podcasts work?


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Detailed explanations about ‘why podcasting?’ ... And how to calculate ROI.

Analysis of industry trends and how podcasting fits into the media landscape.

Full review case studies of the various projects we’ve done at SSN.

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