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Story Studio Network is full service, exclusive podcast production experience building your brand, voice and message, with:

  • a full team of award winning executive producers,
  • major network journalists,
  • skilled professional talk show hosts,
  • experienced audio engineers

Our mission is to create provocative, best-in-class branded content that allows you, your brand and your listeners, to thrive, connect and start real conversations about...

what is ssn?

it's like hiring a newsroom for your brand.

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You understand the value of ‘being in the room’ and of growing your network and message through collaboration, conversation and connection

industry collaborators and leaders 

You’re not fearful of being on a mic, in fact, you’ve probably been on radio or tv; perhaps on stage. You thrive when you hear ‘You’re LIVE!’

unafraid communicators

You live on the edge of your industry, always curious, always seeking conversation and innovation

unconventional professionals

who is it for?

this is hiring an executive producer for your company brand.

But the pandemic created a values shift as well. Clients of ours didn't just want 'a podcast'. They wanted to stand out and use their audio content to create meaningful change.

And so Story Studio Network was born out of our need and ability to help our clients tell Stories differently and more effectively in this new emerging world.

This is not like hiring a tech nerd to click the buttons and make things go (although, we do handle the actual tech production!) ...

We won’t say the word duo, but we will say dynamic. Together, we have a combined 60+ years in radio, production, news-media, on mic and in studios. We are confident enough to say we are not your average podcasters.

We saw the writing on the wall for mainstream media decades ago. Faith in 'the way it's always been done' is waning and the pandemic only served to deepen those feelings. The data to back up the shifts towards on-demand audio is incontrovertible. Advertisers and thought leaders are moving away from traditional media towards NEW media to get their messages out to the world.

At the onset of the pandemic, more and more clients started asking about podcasts and we listened, producing more than a dozen podcast series in 2020 alone.

who are we?


Chief Executive

Dave is the Executive Producer of iContact Productions. He is a media and communications leader who provides the tools and support you need to tell your story in your voice. In 2020, Dave and his team produced more than 300 podcast episodes covering a broad range of subjects, including the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During his career experience as a News Director with Global News, Newstalk 1010 and AM640 in Toronto, Dave has managed big personalities and mentored hundreds of performers on the importance of putting your audience first.

He brings his expertise in performance coaching, strategic communications, issues management and journalism. He provides the guidance and critique required for you to sharpen your presentation performance. And Dave shows you how to plan and produce branded media that will engage, retain and grow your target audiences.

Dave has reported from five world capitals and every province in Canada. But his real creative outlet is his music. Aside from writing and producing original stage show musicals, Dave and a group of musician friends recorded some of their songs in the Beatles’ famed Studio 2 at Abbey Road in London, UK. The highlight of their session included a visit from Beatle producer and music legend Alan Parsons.

dave trafford

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Chief Executive

Erin is an award-winning broadcaster and Story strategist with more than two decades of professional storytelling and on-camera experience.

In newsrooms across Canada, she's covered more than 18 elections, interviewed three Canadian Prime Ministers, won three National RTDNA awards for scripting and editorial, performance and storytelling skills. Erin has been a reporter, producer, editor, host and anchor on both radio and television for major networks at Rogers, Bell, and Shaw.

Beyond her traditional mainstream media experience, Erin is the CEO & Chief Story Strategist at Erin Trafford | Story & Strategy, working with brands ranging from large corporations to solopreneurs on how to find, tell and leverage their stories in the digital space. Notable clients include Giant Tiger, Home Hardware, Staples Canada, Hoover Canada, Craftsman Tools, and Wayfair (US).

Erin launched a lifestyle blog from her kitchen table in 2014 and went on to grow it and sell it as a turn-key business in 2021.

But her biggest accomplishment is her two little girls, Piper and Marigold, who remind her every day that women's voices are born to be loud and heard.

erin trafford

Todd Bridges, Army Corps of Engineers
Show: Engineering with Nature

"Dave does magic! This is what Dave does.
You will sound 20 IQ points smarter after what Dave has done!"