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The Podcast Strategy Bundle Collection

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$49 Canadian

Unlock Your Launch Bundle

The most important elements in launching or reviving a podcast

What should you do to promote your show before it launches?

How do you leverage the power of networking to increase the impact of your show?

Launch Strategies for a Successful Podcast

You Get:

Unlock Your Launch Workshop Replay

Launch Strategies Playbook PDF

You'll learn:

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$49 Canadian

Authentic Audience Growth Strategies Bundle

How to make your audience the focal point of your podcast and turn your audience into your greatest content asset.

How to create ownership and the strategies to really understand what your audience expects from you and your show

How to create a continuous feedback loop with specific strategies to engage with your audience (that also create an awesome qualitative data set for you)

Build an Engaged and Excited Audience for your Podcast

You Get:

Authentic Audience Growth Strategies Workshop Replay

Audience Growth Strategies Playbook PDF

You'll learn:

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$49 Canadian

The Power of Podcast Metrics Bundle

The critical key performance indicators you need to measure.
Hint >>> Downloads aren't everything!!!

How to best understand and use your audience demographics found in your Spotify and Apple dashboards

Practical tips to stay on top of your performance metrics and analyze listener trends to help you grow

Measuring Your Show's Success

You Get:

The Power of Podcast Metrics Workshop Replay

Podcast Analytics and Metrics Playbook PDF

You'll learn:

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The Top Reads

The In Depth Branded Podcast Guide

How do branded podcasts work?


We've got a guide for that.

Detailed explanations about ‘why podcasting?’ ... And how to calculate ROI.

Analysis of industry trends and how podcasting fits into the media landscape.

Full review case studies of the various projects we’ve done at SSN.

The most comprehensive guide in our collection!

50+ pages on everything you are wondering about branded podcasts

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