Dave Trafford
Co-founder, Executive PRODUCER, HOST

Erin Trafford
Co-founder, Executive PRODUCER, HOST

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Jaime is a key member of the SSN team, most often referred to as our Queen of Staff and/or The Glue that holds the magic together.

Clients at SSN are always supported by Jaime, who is on the front lines of our productions, making sure the schedules and  timelines stay on track. 

A shining example of a personal reinvention story, Jaime left her 9-5 career in health care in the midst of the global pandemic so she could direct her talents and energy towards her passion for helping entrepreneurs. 

Jaime lives just outside of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.


Steve Cassar
Senior Executive Producer

Steve has worked in television news for 35 years. Most of that time has been spent in Canada’s largest media market at the country’s biggest broadcasters.
From reporting and producing to becoming a News Director and Executive Producer, Steve has held several roles throughout his career. After 25 years in local television news at Global and CTV, Steve transitioned to network sports where he oversaw a large national news operation at Sportsnet. Steve also had the privilege and thrill of working four Olympic Games and Olympic Winter Games, most recently at Beijing 2022 as a Supervising Producer.

Throughout the years, the tie that binds those many projects together has been Steve’s passion and instinctive ability to recognize stories that stick and craft a narrative that matters.
“I’ve had the good fortune of working with high performing teams. When groups are like minded, and have shared goals, the energy is really difficult to match. That’s what I see and feel at Story Studio Network.”
Whether it’s newsmakers, public sector agencies or private business, Steve has supported and helped identify their terrific stories.

Paul is a major market broadcasting veteran and owner of Gatt Broadcast Services. He has more than 30 years of international experience in radio, audio production, live events and sports productions with all the major corporate media players.
Whether the project is in front of 400 people or a simple boardroom setup, Paul’s passion to deliver “the best at what we do” is always his motivation.
“That is what I strive for - passion for the project and learning new things.  
In this business, there’s always things to learn, things to perfect until the next time, when I strive to make it better.”

Paul Gatt, 
Senior Production engineer

Drew Garner is a technical producer and sound engineer with almost two decades of experience in the industry, and a life-long listener and creator of story-centric radio and (eventually) podcasts. He has worked with top talent in the field at NEWSTALK 1010 Toronto (née CFRB) on live programming, including John Moore, The Motts, Ryan Doyle, and Jay Michaels, as well as Toronto Mayor John Tory, and News Director Dave Trafford on the Six O'Clock News Hour.

He has produced podcasts for some of those people as well, as well as external podcasts, including the award-winning "A Pitch For Change" with World Vision. He is a passionate and compassionate producer that can help elevate your content to the next level. 

Drew Garner
Senior Production Engineer

Nick has spent his career producing award winning news and talk radio programming in Canada and the United States. It began when Nick’s life-long dream of being in radio landed him at the NBC building at 30 Rock in New 
York City.
He cut his teeth as a technical operator at NBC Radio Network News where he was responsible for distributing the news to hundreds of radio affiliates across the United States. From there, Nick moved to Toronto to continue his career at Newtalk 1010 CFRB – his home now for more than 25 years. From his perch in the main studio control room, Nick produces various live radio shows across the iHeart Radio Talk network.

Nick maiorano
Senior technical producer

Kathryn has dedicated her career to B2B and B2C startup across a myriad of industries. She is hyper focused on client relationships, strategy and bringing real-results through omnichannel marketing mechanisms.
Kathryn has a keen eye for brand asethetic, identifying unique stories and picking up nuances to amplify the story and stand out.
On the weekends, Kathryn can be found sitting by a campfire in an oversized hoodie eating s’mores with her family which includes her husband Josh, two kids Olivia and William and her two dogs, both labs; Tucker and Ty.

Kathryn Spears
Client Promotions Producer

Mike is a broadcast veteran who has spent his career as a Technical Producer and Audio Editor with Bell Media in Toronto. Mike has spent the past decade working with the team at Canada's most listened to Talk Radio station - Newstalk 1010 (CFRB-AM). He produces both live programming and recorded content for podcasts, and has worked with Ted Woloshyn, Evan Solomon, Ryan Doyle, Jay 'Maddog' Michaels, and Dave Trafford, among many other hosts, journalists, and public figures who have graced the heritage station's airwaves. Mike currently resides in Etobicoke with his cat Monty.

Mike Treutler
Senior Audio Editor

Kym is a story telling specialist with three decades of experience in the radio news business. Former reporter, anchor and news director, she knows how to ask the right questions, and peel back the layers to get to the heart of the story. The end result is a clear, understandable message.

She is also a Certified Professional Coach and business owner, specializing in leadership development, team performance and culture change.

Kym Geddes
Associate host