In general, we recommend one or a combination of: 
- Talk Show Style Production
- Interview Style Production
- Narrative & Actuality Production
(Don't worry, if you are unsure, we will use our first production meeting to pick the right style for you).

pick your format

how it works

Gather your characters

Who will be part of your show? You? Your clients? Your team? We'll help you assemble the right voices to weave your best narrative. And if you need a talk show host, we have those too! 

Assemble The team

Our team at Story Studio Network will then produce your show from top to bottom; scheduling recording sessions, storyboarding your seasons, trailer production, audio imaging.

More than 70% of Canadians 18+ listen to online audio every month. there is ever growing opportunity for branded content.

You simply show up with the answers (rather than having to steer the show yourself!) - leave the steering to us

You activate a real conversation that will deepen your relationship with your current network by giving them a new way to engage with your thought leadership and brand values

You increase the swirl around the show by leveraging each of your warm audiences

why it works?

Audio is the 'old tech' that's the wave of the future.

The 2021 Infinite Dial report by Edison Research shows an ever growing opportunity for branded content in the podcast space. 

39% of all podcast listeners engage with the entire episode, meaning pre and mid roll ads are being heard the majority of the time.

Podcasting is no longer a 'niche medium'. 

But it also represents a unique solution to the challenge facing digital marketers today - where Facebook and Instagram ads are increasing in costs and Google is shifting its third-party cookies, podcasting is creating a new paradigm of permission-based marketing. 

Podcast listeners love host-read ads, and they are less likely to avoid a podcast ad than an ad delivered via any other media. Combine this marketing power with branded content and you have a recipe for success.

why podcasting?

This is why we developed a journalist-led podcast model that is unique in the market and combines our experience in newsrooms with our experience with new media production and strategy.

We know what 'sounds good' from developing the overall story board for a season of your show, to the finer details of your trailers, teasers and intros. Audio needs to sound amazing in order to truly captivate.

Great Production

We like to work with smart people who are mission-led and ready to engage.

Thought Leadership

We designed our model for podcast production around two key values:

Journalist Model

the story studio network 

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Every show is going to be slightly different and we are able to accommodate a variety of timelines. The early project phases are crucial to having overall success. In general, Story Studio Network operates on the provisional production schedule above. After six weeks, the time requirements are minimal.

Editorial Realignments Batch recording

week 8

Editorial Realignments Batch recording

week 7

 Batch Recording Production
Push Show Live

week 6

Batch Show Recording

week 5

Batch Show Recording
Trailer Sound Bites

week 4

Group Brainstorm Production Draft Review & Alignment
Tech Checks

week 3

Shared Docs
Draft Production Plans

week 2

Kickoff Call Objective Setting Set up

week 1

mock production schedule:

Ujwal Arkalgud, Chief Anthropologist & CEO, MotivBase
Shows: The NEXT Normal, Why Meaning Matters

"They take the time to understand our subject matter, and take a genuine interest in it. Being journalists they of course know how to engage an audience and produce content..."

frequently asked questions

WHAT IS THE Episode Length?


At Story Studio, we aim to produce episodes in the 22-24 minute range. Why? Because research shows that programs longer than 22 minutes have significant listener drop off and less engagement. Further, this matches the average time a listener spends commuting - one of the most popular places to consume audio on demand.

WHAT IS THE Length of a Season?

WHAT IS THE Length of a Season?

A standard Story Studio talk show season is no fewer than 6 episodes. This allows for ample time to promote each episode and to integrate your show into your other marketing channels via retargeting, clip sharing, etc. 

The shows do not have to be published weekly, however, we do recommend a consistent release schedule to create audience expectation and anticipation.

What is the time commitment?

What is the time commitment?

As we get started, there will be some onboarding and upfront production work we will do so that the show flows well. For the first few weeks, you'll want to have a 60-90 minutes set aside for show prep. 

But after that, your time spent on this project will be about an hour per week or per episode. We do our best to batch record to capitalize on momentum and energy in the shows.

How do you prepare for recordings?

How do you prepare for recordings?

The basics! Drink water. Show up excited and ready to have a great conversation. As part of your onboarding, you will get a full tech set-up walk through and tech check, including all you need to know about your mic and headphones. 

We will prep you ahead of each recording, so you know what we'll be talking about and how we expect to direct the flow of the show. But basically you just show up and share your brilliance!

How are the hosts for each show chosen or invited?

How are the hosts for each show chosen or invited?

We can do this in one of two ways. Because we are both experienced producers, we are excellent at filling a show with aligned and likeminded (not competing) voices. So if you'd like to jump into Story Studio Network and want us to find you co-hosts, we can do that. 

The other way is for you to bring a group of four to us who you have pre-vetted and want to work with. 

How are shows named?

How are shows named?

You can pick your own show name or we can advise you on a name. The show will be part of Story Studio Network of shows. 

Can you suggest topics or other guests?

Can you suggest topics or other guests?

Absolutely. Talk show producing is collaborative and we will seek your ideas and insights to build your show. It is your show after all. 

Do we also technically produce the shows?

Do we also technically produce the shows?

Yes. We have experienced audio editors and engineers who will edit and render the shows. We will also subscribe the show to all the major podcast distribution networks and populate show notes for you.

How do you know you have an audience for this?

How do you know you have an audience for this?

Chances are you have untapped network reach on your current social media, but beyond that, the Story Studio Network model of podcasting means you aren't just preaching to the already converted! You are adding in the engaged audiences of your other hosts. 

As well, we know that consistency with this type of talk show format grows over time - you have many more opportunities to grow and engage your audience than if you simply guest on other people's shows.