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Dear Future Colleague, 

We are seeking an Audience Development Specialist to join our team. 


You will be working closely with our Chief Strategy Officer and Editor-Producers to create robust audience growth strategies for our branded podcast clients. 

Your work will be dynamic and fast-paced - like working in a new media newsroom environment. 

Your duties and responsibilities will include: 

Participating in client strategy session reviews with the Chief Strategy team at the start of each podcast project
Working with the strategy and promotions team to develop specific and detailed growth plans and strategies for each show on Story Studio Network
Writing show concepts and script outlines based on a blend of market research and editorial context.
Creating show media kits and partnership proposal documents where required
Contributing to growth related outreach (visibility strategies) for certain client projects that are not part of overall chase production
● Communicating directly with clients including strategy and promotional meetings at regular intervals. 
● Providing insight for potential promotional or growth opportunities via social media and other content avenues
● Coordinating with various ad partners to assist in running client paid ad strategies for their podcasts.

Broadcast and/or mainstream media experience an asset, but not required.
Social media knowledge and experience is a definite asset.
Great writing skills a must.
Knowledge of PR and pitching an asset.

You will need the following: 

● A great sense of humour 
● Excellent communications and people skills for collaborating with colleagues, stakeholders and clients 
● Ability to work independently and as part of a team
A decent eye for social media graphic design and the ability to create them relatively quickly
Experience in audience building and digital research methods
● A great work-from-home/remote set up including a decent mic and headphones 
● The ability to think like a storyteller
It helps if you listen to podcasts!


You are a creative, pragmatic, high functioning individual. You are a beast at cutting through complexity. You are humble – you have ZERO ISSUES rolling up your sleeves and jumping into both the promotional strategy and execution of asset creation and writing. But you also have the confidence, assertiveness, skills and experience required to drive projects forward. 

You have strong creative skills, and you love identifying market gaps and solving marketing and positioning problems, spotting creative opportunities to ‘grow the show’. You have a keen attention to detail without getting too in the weeds. Social media is your friend. You might even be a bit scrappy and inventive in your methods.

You are tech savvy and can thrive in a remote work environment. You care deeply about stories well told and producing compelling content. 

Your creative app knowledge is deep and you’re pretty much able to create in any software, but you probably love Canva. You're a Google Docs wizard. You are not averse to multi-media creation and are willing to lean into an audio and video first strategy every time.

You are deeply grounded and drama-free. You are looking to bring your skills to a growing, mission-based organization and provided it’s a fit – work with us for a minimum of 2 years. This is an initial contract role with the expectation of full-time employment within six months. 


You’ll be joining Story Studio Network. We are a team of four full time and three contractor team members who have a collective mission of changing the Canadian media landscape for the better. We are setting the standard for our market: incredible podcasts that tell incredible stories. We believe firmly in an Audience First mission to all our projects.. 

You will be stepping into a supportive and dynamic team environment, where we’ll provide you with: 

● Extraordinary colleagues who will cheer you on, remind you of your brilliance and care about you as a person and human. 
● The supreme peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are building a company with integrity. 
● A competitive salary and flexible hours; an internal policy of ‘do what lights you up Friday’ AND have open time to think, dream, and play. 
● The ability to use your extraordinary talents to have fun and make a difference for our incredible clients. 


If this job description speaks to you, then we strongly encourage you to apply by midnight on __date__. 

Please email your application to with subject line: [YOUR NAME] Audience Development application.

Posted October 14th, 2022